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Honoured thrice yesterday by our caste in our annual general meeting: 1.Best teacher 2.First lady poetess in Eng language in our caste and surat city 3. As a convener for a mega event likr’Damania’s Got Talent’. Feeling awesome.

Todays new word-Ameliorate Pronunciation-(uh-meel-yuh-rate). Memory key-The word sounds like ‘Amul ka rate’. Amul’s rates are increasing because they give improved quality of products. Ameliorate means to improve,make better,increase quality. Used as:I won a lottery that ameliorated my financial condition.

Todays new word-Abscond Pronunciation-(abs-kond). Memory key-can be memorised as ‘a bus of cons’. Means a group of persons in jail trying to run away in bus. Abscond means to escape,to flee,to run away. Used as-The cashier absconded with the money.

Todays new word-Chivalrous. Pronunciation-(shiv-uhl-rus). Memory key-sounds like ‘shiv with us’. Means lord shiva is very courteous and considerate. Chivalrous means courteous, gallant esp.towards women,considerate,honorouble,knightly. Used as : He was too chivalrous to leave anybody in need.

Todays new word-Exculpate Pronunciation-(ek-skuhl-peyt). Memory key-sounds like ex culprit. Ex means to remove out. So to free a culprit from blame is exculpate him. Exculpate means free from blame, vindicate, absolve, acquit, disculpate, discharge, assoil.

Todays new word-Derange Pronunciation-(dih-rey-n). Memory key-sounds like dis arrange. Anything disarranged means disorder. Derange means great confusion, disorder, make insane, disarray, unbalance, madden. Used as: Stress deranges the immune system.

Todays new worď-Bolster Pronunciation-(bohl-ster). Memory key-sounds like a monster. If a person is fighting a monster he tries to gain support. Bolster means support, strengthen, aid assist.

Todays new word-Adamant. Pronunciation-(ad-uh-mant). Memory key-sounds like ‘a damn aunt’. Our neighbouring aunt is very stubborn. She never returns the ball of the children but goes on scolding. Adamant means stubborn, unyielding, firm, unshakeable, determined, intransigent, inflexible.

Todays new word-Sloth Pronunciation-(sla-wth). Memory key-can be memorised as slow in cloth means slow in dressing. This fellow is slow in every work and so can be called lazy. Sloth means laziness, lethargy, indolence, sluggishness, disinclination, hesitation, reluctance.

Todays new word-Rectitude. Pronunciation-(rek-ti-tyood). Memory key-sounds like ‘right attitude’. A person with right attitude is mostly morally correct and righteous person. Rectitude means morality, correctness, honesty, integrity, straightness, righteousness. Used as: Lord Rama was a model of rectitude.